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Front or back maintenance, How to choose

Release Time: 2020-06-05

The maintenance methods of led display are mainly divided into front maintenance and back-maintenance. back-maintenance used to for LED screens of building exterior walls,  it must be designed with aisle so that person can perform maintenance and repair from the back of the screen body. The overall technical requirements are high, installation and removal are cumbersome,and time-consuming. For some indoor place especially with compact spaces, or wall-mounted installations, obviously, it’s not a good choice.

Along with small-pitch LED developed, front-maintenance indoor LED display gradually dominated the market. It use magnet to fix the module on cabinet. Open the whole cabinet from front,  When dismantle, Sucker directly touch module surface for front maintenance, With front-maintenance, led screen can be designed very thin and light,  integrate with the surrounding environment, achieve matched appearance.



Compared with back-maintenance, the advantage of front-maintenance LED screen is mainly to save space, maximize space utilization and reduce the difficulty of after sale work. The front maintenance method does not need aisle, supports independent front maintenance, and saves space on screen back. No need to disassemble cable, supports rapid maintenance work, Compare to back maintenance, which need to remove many screws first to dismantle the module front-maintenance is simpler and more convenient. However, due to the room limited space, structure has high requirements on the heat dissipation of the cabinet, otherwise the screen is prone to l failures.


Anyway, back-maintenance has its own advantage. Lower price, good heat dissipation,which is suitable for rooftop, column and other occasion, and has high inspection and maintenance efficiency. Due to different application, you can choose these two maintenance methods according to actual needs.