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M-Shine 2021 Year-end Party Successfully Held-outdoor transparent LED display

Release Time: 2022-01-26


M-Shine 2021 year-end party successfully held on 24nd Jan.2022, we are happy to gather here to review the struggle and glory of 2021 and look forward to a more brilliant and beautiful tomorrow for M-Shine.

At the beginning of the party, Mr. Mickey Huang, chairman of M-Shine, came on stage to deliver a New Year's speech.  He pointed out that in the past year, in the face of repeated epidemic, rising raw material prices, insufficient supply and other challenges, under the concerted efforts of all colleagues, M-Shine outdoor transparent screen, mesh screen and outdoor fine pitch products still yield unusually brilliant results and achieve unprecedented achievements.  Among them, there are indoor LED Cube projects for Louis Vuitton global chain stores, outdoor mesh LED projects of more than 3000 square meters and outdoor transparent LED projects of more than 2000 square meters installed overseas and domestic, and the latest outdoor small pitch P1.6mm, P1.9mm and P2.5mm also more than 100sqm to US.  


Looking forward to 2022, Mr. Mickey Huang, chairman of M-Shine, encourages all M-Shine staff to seize the great opportunity of the LED display era, stay true to the mission and striving hard to build M-Shine into the most reliable manufacturer in LED display industry, so as to realize personal growth together with M-Shine. Finally, he wished people around the world an early return to peace and happiness.

Looking back at the development process of M-Shine in 2021, it is full of sweat and laughter, full of hardships and glory.  Every hard-working people in M-Shine deserve applause and praise.So M-Shine prepare great prizes for everyone, they could bring home cool prizes.


In addition to the delicious food and wine, the most exciting and anticipated part is the lucky draw. Everyone hopes to be the luckiest one, and everyone is devoted to it, and waves of climax keeps happening.

The most exciting lottery link


In order to successfully get the prize, each lucky one must prepare a show, so some people singing, some modern dance, and Kungfu show, and even men's Latin dance, work hard at ordinary times, this is a good opportunity to appreciate their talent shows. The energetic dance, beautiful songs, witty humor, brought the party to a climax.

In the laughter, everyone with the most honest and sincere appearance, fully integrated into the harmonious and friendly family, to achieve the perfect sublimation of team cohesion.  


2021, we fought together as one

2022, we will create more achievements

Be grateful for the partners everyone travel with

Witness and participate in the continuous growth and expansion of the company

In the future, we will stay true to our original aspiration and work hard to press ahead.