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M-Shine' s creative corner LED display in the Diamond Plaza

Release Time: 2022-10-14

Recently, the Diamond Family Corp. has created the most romantic confession holy place: Diamond Plaza. 

In this plaza , there is 1 super-giant LED confession diamond ring, 2 most popular pets to witness sweet love in the side LED display, and a romantic password to unlock the time ladder in 3 minutes. The Diamond Plaza full of romantic details has attracted many fashion celebrities to check in and recommend it.


Not only the romance of the diamond family is out of the circle, but also M-Shine' s creative corner LED display. This super-giant confession diamond ring is the focus of the entire diamond square, not only carefully crafted in shape, it has profound and romantic meaning, and it also incorporates modern technology of LED display. The modeling ring stands on the Rock series LED corner screen built by M-Shine, the corner screen has perfect brightness, display, and vivid playback content, which helps to realize the integration of romance and technology, and also creates M-Shine another excellent case.

Diamond Plaza, with a punch-in device containing romantic and beautiful meanings, calls on all lovers to explore a more romantic, warmer and more interesting way of showing love, continue to convey warm love with bright jewelry, and continue to convey the brand concept of KeepLoving, KeepShining , while punching in the super-giant "Once in a lifetime love confession diamond ring", while uploading romantic love words on the eight-sided confession LED interactive screen of the brand icon.


Throughout many cities around the world, there is such a commercial landmark. They are rooted in the urban texture, showing the humanistic features of the city, like a commercial landscape that makes the city delicate and warm. Therefore, the addition of M-Shine LED display allows new choices and creative technology to create urban landmarks.