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M-Shine MS series P1.875 outdoor small-pitch is launching

Release Time: 2022-11-07


With the innovation and popularization of outdoor LED small-pitch technology, more and more outdoor small-pitch applications appear in business districts and streets, becoming the trend of outdoor color ceilings! It is reported that M-Shine MS series outdoor small-pitch P1.875 has been popular for shipment recently, which has set off a hot market for outdoor small-pitch applications. The MS series is gorgeous and high-definition, expressing more pursuit of color and building a beautiful landscape !


MS series outdoor LED small pitch 1.875 is currently the most popular small pitch product in the market and is highly accepted by the application market, but M-Shine has always been at the forefront of the outdoor small pitch market, and can achieve a minimum pitch of 1.2mm, so 1.5/1.875/ 2.5mm are mature and hot products.

 5 1.jpg

The size of this product is 480mm wide, 540mm high, and 66mm thick. It is a standard ultra-thin and ultra-light die-casting cabinet with a weight of only 9.5kg. It can be called an outdoor small-pitch ceiling-grade product. And it is a standard 16:9 golden ratio product, which can easily achieve 4k and above resolution, and the highest refresh rate is 3840hz/22bit+ to meet all the needs of the outdoor market.


What's more worth mentioning is that with flip-chip 1010 lamp, the brightness is as high as 4000 nits, and the contrast ratio of 8000:1 can be achieved. The module size is 240mmX270mm, and 4 modules can be quickly spliced into a cabinet. Full front maintenance is adopted, and the module can be sucked out quickly by a magnetic suction tool, and the independent power box can be replaced easily to realize quick installation and maintenance. At the same time, the module adopts the latest black technology-safety lock, and ordinary tools or external force cannot directly take the modules to further ensure security.

The MS series 1.875mm outdoor small pitch has been successfully exported to the European and American markets. Look forward to it shining brightly and adding a touch of beautiful color to the outdoor application market. Please continue to pay attention to M-Shine, and more exciting sharing will be updated!