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M-Shine 's indoor COB and outdoor GOB small-pitch products are both arrows

Release Time: 2023-05-09

With the rapid development of LED display, higher definition and higher density small pitch has become the mainstream of display development. For a series of important indicators such as surface consistency, contrast, and brightness, M-Shine UT series COB and MS series GOB came into being for the higher requirements of display effect, creating more possibilities for LED display.

First, let's understand what COB and GOB are: 

COB, Chip on Board, chip on board technology. It refers to the process of pasting the bare chip directly on the printed circuit board, then performing wire bonding, and then encapsulating and protecting the chip and leads with organic glue. Compared with conventional technology, this technology has high packaging density and simple process.


【COB Process Picture】

GOB, Glue on Board, film coating technology on board. It is a technological improvement and extension of the traditional SMD surface mount display module technology. That is, after the SMT patching and aging, the final process uses epoxy resin to pour a layer of glue on the surface of the module to replace the traditional mask technology to upgrade the anti-collision performance of the module.


Comparison between GOB and traditional SMD


【COB VS. GOB Comparison Picture】

Then, how did M-Shine's UT series COB and MS series GOB go to the mainstream of display screens?

M-Shine COB products directly package the light-emitting chip on the PCB board, the device is completely sealed and not exposed, the screen is hard and smooth, get rid of point light, realize "surface light source" light, effectively suppress moire, reduce light refraction, and make the color more vivid concentrated. Because of the different packaging methods, the heat dissipation is faster and more timely, and the energy consumption is less. Simplifies packaging operations and has efficient thermal management.

* Ultra-thin 44mm, ultra-light 25kg/sqm;

*A variety of installation methods can be used, and the angles are seamlessly spliced;

*Mini COB flip-chip, the contrast ratio reaches 10000:1 and the ink color is consistent for a long time.

Low-brightness and high-brush are used to keep viewing any scene of the picture without losing frames, no watermarks, no shaking, low power consumption, cold screen and energy-saving common cathode circuit. Its ultra-high refresh rate (>3840HZ) reduces visual fatigue, makes the display picture more high-quality, and realizes the realization of a smaller pitch.

It is mainly used in TV studios, exhibitions, large venues, public safety display command systems, intelligent transportation systems, theme pavilions, commercial advertising broadcasts, conference rooms, etc. For different installation scenarios, our company has launched multiple models of modules of the same size for selection.



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Through the GOB process, the MS series products emit more uniform light, and the display effect is clearer and more transparent. Effectively eliminate moiré, significantly improve product contrast, reduce glare, and effectively protect the safety and health of users. Due to the frosted surface effect, the color contrast is increased, and the conversion display from the viewpoint light source to the surface light source is realized, and the viewing angle is increased.

*100% front maintenance design, the screen presents a golden 16:9 ratio;

*Using common cathode technology to achieve a high contrast ratio of 8000:1;

*3840HZ high refresh rate, 22bit+ high gray scale;

*Patented smart lock control, anti-theft, anti-fall and anti-collision.

It is worth mentioning that M-Shine MS series GOB has perfect nine anti-functions: waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-collision, dust-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-blue light, anti-vibration, anti-salt spray, anti-static. At the same time, it also solves the problems of delamination and yellowing that may exist in the GOB process.



【Related Projects】

Innovation is the commanding height of strategy, and change is the source of competitiveness. At the 2023 Shenzhen ISLE exhibition, M-Shine made a wonderful appearance with outdoor small-pitch GOB flip-chip products, and won the ISLE 2023 Rising Star Product Award. M-Shine will, as always, insist on product innovation and application innovation, integrate new needs, and create new opportunities!