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Upcoming LED China 2020 Shenzhen Show

Release Time: 2020-03-09

Due to the Coronavirus, LED China Shenzhen Show has been postponed from Feb to April, now confirmed by official notification, the show would be held at same location on 24-26 April, M-Shine will attend with competitive products, welcome domestic and abroad friends to visit our booth, it will be a rewarding trip.



This time, M-Shine will present various flagship displays, full-range product line, leading technology, below are exhibits briefing:


Outdoor transparent display series

As the complex outdoor environment, outdoor display is requested higher standards corresponding. For the new outdoor transparent display, M-Shine not only designs a new protection mask for safety, but also upgrades the structure, to make it more suitable for the harsh outdoor environment.

High brightness, high refresh, high gray scale, better performance. High brightness ensures the picture displaying not affected by environment and luminosity.High grey scale makes picture playing more delicate, so outdoor advertising gets higher quality coverage!


Mesh display series

Mesh display is another M-Shine hot sell series for outdoor applications, in the early 2020, M-Shine has manufactured and distributed more than 10,000sqm mesh, now all installation completed and put into use, received extensive reputation. 

Design with ultra light-weight, ultra-thin,excellent windproof and waterproof, it wins massive clients’ hearts.


Side-emitting transparent display series

Side-emitting transparent display is one of the most shinning items in M-Shine, its concise appearance, 87% transparency, ultra-thin design (min only 21mm), fully suitable to glass wall, shop window, exhibition and other high-end locations.


Interactive LED floor series

Interactive LED floor is the best-selling for stage applications, equipped with intelligent LED interactive system, multi-point induction. Any screen touch motion, display will present timely interactive effect. Also excellent performance like waterproof, dustproof, anti-scratch, anti-shock and resistance to heavy weight pressure! Suitable for stage, bar, catwalk, concert hall and other entertainment venues.


If you want to know more details, welcome to visit our booth :

17th LED China Shenzhen Show  

Date: 24-26, April, 2020

Booth No.: 1-W59,

Add: Convention and Exhibition Centre Fuhua Rd 3, Futian district. Shenzhen

M-Shine website:  www.m-shineled.com 

(English): www.mxgled.com (Chinese)

The Show will be held as scheduled if no special emergency. Plz follow our accounts for the latest information. More services plz inquiry website, customer service online 24/7 for you.