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M-Shine Pole Poster LED

Release Time: 2020-04-17

Nowadays, as the technology developing, the usage of Pole Poster LED becomes more prevalent. The large range of applications for the smart light pole LED display makes an impact on traditional light pole signage. 

Comparing with the traditional light pole, Pole Poster LED enlarge the value of pole in an extent. It let the pole not just give people illumination, but also contributes a lot to the economic development, even make people fun. For merchants, it amplifies the exposure of their image and catches customers’ eyes. For carriers who have drive for a long time, it gives them a fresh sight besides traffic information. Besides, with the mature technologies such as naked-eye 3D and VR or AR, these Pole Poster LED display will give people a more realistic display, which will make the advertising performance more vivid.


Here is our newest customized Pole poster LED, 130 mm thickness which is light enough to hanging on the pole. Below are the main features:

1.Multiple control methods: It supports synchronous and asynchronous control method through WIFI, 3G, LAN ;

2.With a Photoelectric box: can measure the temperature, humidity, hydrops, electric power supply and other information, and report to the operating room automatically; 

3.With a wisdom box: to connecting with the city systems of traffic light, dust monitor, securitycam, traffic dispersion and so on, to achieve the purpose of intelligent city management;

4. Multi-screen broadcasting: All Pole Poster LED displays can play the same content in the same time to bring awesome publicity and it can also play different content simultaneously to compatible with more information dissemination;

5.Wide Usage: Besides traffic security system, it also can be used in walking streets, subway, shopping malls, communities, air ports, etc;

6.100% Front maintenance to simplify the repair progresses;

7.IP67 resistance, Anti-Ultraviolet and masks prolong its service life;

8.Powerful heat dissipation function reduces the breakout rate and accidents;

9.Brightness is auto-adjustable according to the change of environment.

Aging test:



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