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Customized LED display for Louis Vuitton 200th celebration from M-Shine

Release Time: 2022-03-11

2021 is a memorable year for M-Shine, this year, we have been making some new achievements in the LED advertising field, in particular, we installed hundreds of LED cubes for Louis Vuitton Global Chain Store for the LV200th celebration.


In order to celebrate the 200th anniversary of birth of the founder, Mr. Louis Vuitton, LV Group invited 200 different artists from all over the world to create freely. These creations are presented on the LED cube by the digital, also invite people to explore the history of the LV brand with alternately presenting pleasant forms and the help of modern perspectives and contexts. People will feel the legendary journey of Mr. Louis Vuitton's life, and get the better understand of his achievements as an adventurer, entrepreneur, designer and innovator and the spiritual value he brings.


After more than 2 months of strict audits on factory facilities, environmental management, personnel management, etc., M-shine finally passed the audit with excellent evaluation results and was honored to be shortlisted for LV's supplier qualification. As a professional LED display manufacturer, M-Shine has always been helping customers to make this project more perfect during the R&D and production process, 100% strictly control all details to follow the excellent quality and exquisite craftsmanship to be successful.

M-Shine is grateful for the opportunity to be part of this great celebration, we believe this is precisely because M-Shine shares the same spirit of constant exploration and innovation as Mr. Louis Vuitton.

So far, M-Shine has also cooperated with some well-known brands such as Christian Dior, Samsung, Volkswagen, Tokyo TV Station, Guangzhou Baiyun Airport and so on...


With the principle of continuous innovation, M-Shine will bring more new surprises, and also looking forward to the more successful future with all friends!