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M-Shine newly done a curved LED display project for TV studio

Release Time: 2022-03-26

At the beginning of the new year 2022, even though the pandemic is repeated, M-Shine is still working hard to perfect the product that customers needed.  

M-Shine just finished another customized project of 220㎡ P3.91 curved rental LED display. This curved LED screen will be installed in a TV studio of Middle East.


The advantages of this project is obvious:

Advantages of LED module 

1. Fully wrapped plastic on the back of module, to improved protection rate for IC and PCB. 

2. Safety locks design on the back of module, to secure the module on the cabinet and avoid vibration damage.

3. Design 2 connectors for the module, no need to distinguish between left or right signal, when one of the connector failed, another connector can replace. 

4. The module adopts magnetic front maintenance , easier to assemble and disassemble. 


Advantages of cabinet

1. The power and receiver card box can be removed as a whole from front or rear side, easier to maintain;

2. Lightweight curved lock design, which enable the cabinets to be assembled into inner arc, outer arc, or flat LED screen, one design multi-use, meet different needs at the same time;

3. Added corner protector for LED;

4. Applicable to various installation methods. Operation video supported;


Details win the praises, M-Shine customers are very satisfied with above design and the product itself. 

If any interest, or have similar requirements, welcome to consult.