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M-Shine outdoor transparent LED display in Disney Flagship Tokyo

Release Time: 2022-04-07

Recently, M-Shine display was installed in a landmark location, Disney Flagship Tokyo's Entrance- “Welcome Vision”.


Disney Flagship Tokyo was opened on 5th, Dec, 2021, is the largest Disney store in Japan. At its entrance, there’s a 440 inch LED screen "Welcome Vision", M-Shine provided P3.91-7.81 outdoor transparent display for it.


After careful selection and comparison, considering the overall aesthetics of the outdoor display after installation, Disney finally chose M-shine's outdoor transparent screen products as the Welcome Vision greeted visitors 24x7, M-Shine outdoor transparent were well-know for stable performance, especially years using in harsh outdoor environment, and plus high transparency, won’t block sunshine into glass building, lightweight and easy maintain, M-Shine display’s perfect visual effect brought the Entrance a high-tech look. 

Now the screen are presenting various video all days, such as Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, popular commodity brand, If you're a Disney fan, you can't afford to miss it! It will be a excellent example of M-Shine display as well.

M-Shine continue to provide customers with high-quality products and good services. If you have similar projects, very welcome to contact us.