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M-Shine Rock series new upgrade!

Release Time: 2020-03-28


The Rock series has been favored and trusted by all clients due to its stable performance and convenient maintenance, to make the Rock series more widely used, M-SHINE launched the Rock module full waterproof series.


1.Modules are fully waterproof;

  The module has passed the water immersion test under normal light up condition, can adapt to a variety of complex and harsh outdoor environments.


2.45°corner design around the module;

Can achieve seamless splicing at any angle from 90°~ 270°, adapts to the shape of outdoor buildings and installed at will.


3.Integrated circuit principle design;

Power & signal two-in-one cable, reducing the number of terminals and cables so that increase display stability and lower failure rate of the screen.


4.Ultra-thin & ultra-light installation:

The thickness is only 140mm from the display surface to the wall, combine use with simple cabinet or simple steel structure installation, realize outdoor ultra-thin wall installation, while reducing the overall weight of the screen, safer and more beautiful.

5.Simultaneous front and rear maintenance, much more convenient:

The maintenance lock supports both front and rear maintenance, meanwhile, the power supply and receiving card can be quickly maintained. Installation is not restricted by maintenance methods.


For more details welcome to contact us!