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The difference between full-outdoor and semi-outdoor LED display

Release Time: 2020-04-03

According to the applications, LED display can be divided into indoor display and outdoor display, furthermore, outdoor display can be subdivided into full-outdoor display and semi-outdoor display. However, plenty of people can not distinguish the outdoor types, so let’s look at their difference

1.Installation place: Full-outdoor display is installed totally outside, no canopy covered, face sunshine or rain directly; semi-outdoor is installed half outside or indoor, partially face sunshine, hardly got rain;

2.Module waterproof: Full-outdoor display module is fully waterproof and glued; semi-outdoor doesn’t need waterproof;

3.Structure: Full-outdoor display is made of fully enclosed frame with high protection level; semi-outdoor is made of simple frame with low protection level,and slimmer;

5. Brightness: Full-outdoor display requires high brightness; semi-outdoors generally need less brightness;

6. Reflection: Full-outdoor display must consider special design for sunshine reflection, in case video can’t be seen in daytime; semi-outdoor doesn’t need such special design;

7. Cooling design: Full-outdoor display has high standard on cooling efficiency, in high temperature region, big size display need equipped with air-condition; semi-outdoor has less standard on cooling efficiency;

Above are the main differences, hope it is helpful.

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