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The advantages of M-shine outdoor transparent LED displays

Release Time: 2020-06-30

In recent years, the transparent LED screen gained a good market share in the city construction. As one of the top-rated product from M-Shine, crystal series outdoor transparent LED screen wins for a better visual experience in certain details !

1. High transparency: 6 layers PCB design guarantee a narrower strip than other suppliers, and gain higher transparency.


2.  ICs are evenly distributing on different area, That means M-Shine’s screen can get real effect on high refresh rate 3840Hz and brightness 5500cd, ensure the better heat dissipation, NOT fake data.


3. In addition to traditional 500*1000mm panel size , 1000*1000mm size is newly developed, which makes the installation more quick and convenient, and more size options for various environment.


Before shipment,M-Shine will carry out the strict waterproof test with each order, for some special installation areas, M-shine also does the vibration test,to ensure that the screen get effective quality assurance before shipment .


Believe M-Shine outdoor transparent screen can provide you with a better visual enjoyment !