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M-shine joined the Pre-show Webcast Programme of 2020 LED CHINA Live

Release Time: 2020-08-21

Due to the impact of this year's epidemic, many overseas customers cannot participate in this year's exhibition in person. The 2020 Shenzhen LED CHINA will be held simultaneously in the form of offline exhibition + online live broadcast. In order to let more buyers and exhibitors familiarize themselves with the live broadcast platform in advance, the organizer held a pre-show live broadcast on August 18. What will the M-shine team bring to us during this pre-show live broadcast?

1. Before pre-show live broadcast

The staff adjusted all the equipment in advance to ensure the smooth process of the live broadcast. How to use the microphone, camera switching, beautification light and lighting are all challenges. We must find problems in the process of use and solve them in time.


2. Pre-show live broadcast

Through the interactive mode of the two members of the group, combined with PPT, video and actual product explanations, the products are displayed to buyers.

This year's live broadcast situation is a new model for the organizer and all exhibitors. The friends are somewhat nervous, but the overall situation is not bad. The basic product features have been mentioned, which deserves praise and encouragement!


What product did we show? 

1.Rock Plus Series


2. Outdoor Transparent LED Display 


3.Outdoor Mesh LED Display 


Of course, this is only a pre-show live broadcast. What are the different products that the M-shine team will bring to you from the exhibition on September 1-3?

Let's wait and see!

Live broadcast platform:live.ledchina.com

Booth No.:1-W59

Date: 2020, 1/9/2020 - 3/9/2020

Address: Futian District, Shenzhen Fuhua Third Road, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center

M-Shine website:  www.m-shineled.com (English)

www.mxgled.com (Chinese)