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Two exhibitions of M-Shine ended successfully, see you next year !

Release Time: 2020-09-11

The ISLE exhibition and LED CHINA exhibition both ended up on 3rd Sep in Shenzhen. Due to the impact of the epidemic, the two exhibitions were postponed for half a year. In such a special year, M-Shine and many exhibitors finally brought a brand new visual feast to domestic and overseas customers through the online and offline dual exhibitions with their distinctive exhibits and dedicated spirit.

Now let’s show you the exciting content of the two exhibitions of M-Shine:

ISLE exhibition


Click here to view the wonderful video of the ISLE exhibition site

Outdoor transparent screen:

The new outdoor transparent screen exhibits not only has a classic appearance, but its function is far beyond the conventional outdoor screen: lighter, thinner and better waterproof performance (IP65), and you can choose to disassemble and assemble the mask according to the use occasion. Really achieve multiple uses on one screen !


Outdoor Mesh screen :

1. Windproof, waterproof and moisture-proof, IP67 front and rear protection, can deal with most of the harsh outdoor environment;

2.The ultra-light cabinet supports front and rear maintenance, easy installation and maintenance, and greatly improved safety;

3.Energy saving and power saving, saving at least 1/3 of power consumption, high brightness and high performance.


Customized transparent screen:

The customized concept and design level of the M-shine team has always attracted many attentions. The side-emitting transparent circular display exhibited this time, customized + high transparent (above 85%), is unique in the exhibition and attracted a large number of visitors. Besides circular shape, it can also be customized into any shape according to customer requirements.

6373484068478577733868596 (1).jpg

LED CHINA exhibition

you could also see a different style by visiting M-Shine booth (1-W59) of LED China.


 Click here to view the wonderful video of the LED CHINA exhibition site 

Outdoor front maintenance screen:

Outdoor front maintenance products have gradually become the mainstream of demand in recent years, and M-shine is acting as a leading supplier. The P5.33mm outdoor front maintenance cube screen exhibited in LED China show this time, is spliced by 320×320mm 100% waterproof modules (IP67). The module with a 45-degree bevel design can be spliced at any angles, it also adopts common cathode technology, which is much more energy-saving, environment friendly, attracted many inquiries in the exhibition.


In order to serve more customers who cannot visit the site, the LED China organizer has exclusively created a live broadcast platform which is open to the world. M-shine has set up different series of live broadcasts according to the timezone and product demand of different markets, so that more viewers  enjoy the show freely.


https://www.expoon.com/e/uczfiat9lx4/panorama is the VR link of the booth,  you could click the link for more details.

Affected by the epidemic, the international situation is not that optimistic in 2020, but M-Shine’s development and innovation will not stagnate. M-Shine team is quite clear that we can gain a foothold in the increasingly fierce market only through continuous product innovation and long-term stable quality. At this time of 2020, we have reason to believe that no matter how the environment changes, the people of M-Shine have a more mature attitude to meet the constant changes and the test of the market, and condense deeper team strength !

Expect to see you next year!